I made a podcast about product

March 11, 2020

So I’ve been busy making a podcast.

I’ve also been a little depressed, infuriated, overwhelmed, grateful, loopy. A real who’s who of feelings. Typical for these days, I imagine, but it had gotten in the way of writing.

A significant coping mechanism I’ve embraced during the pandemic is to accept the reality of things, and then avoid thinking about them by doing literally anything else productive with which I can fill time. I started (finally) recording music again. I bought and tinkered with a Raspberry Pi to run more smart home nonsense, a media server, retro games emulator and security camera all in one. My wife and I started a garden. I built a fence around said garden.

I’ve always had a serious itch for the podcasting game, though, due to my love of hearing people I respect ramble on, unfiltered about really interesting stuff, and the sheer exercise of recording audio. Fortunately my friend and former colleague Ben seemed to as well, and we both had some things to talk about.

So we started one called Product Therapy, which is pretty much what it sounds like: two product guys talking out some things that excite us, frustrate us, and others we can’t really make sense of about the kind of work we’re doing. We noticed that while there are a ton of business, tech & even product-themed podcasts out there, there’s virtually none which get into the really messy stuff about it — the reality of doing the job every day. Everyone seems intent on interviewing leaders of the tech giants, sharing killer insights, and the like.

We’ll ramble a lot, and we hope you find it entertaining and perhaps helpful (even if you’re not a product manager). It’s available everywhere you find podcasts:

You can also subscribe directly to our Substack page, which is a cool way to directly show your support, plus a way to get members-only episodes if we ever decide to do that.

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